Brooke Holland

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photo by Allyson Holland

photo by Allyson Holland

Hi, I'm Brooke. I'm a self-taught graphic designer/art director from El Paso, TX and I currently live in Los Angeles. I studied Advertising at the University of Texas (hook 'em horns!!) and it was during my time here that I discovered/ fell in love with lettering and design. I also really enjoy the process of writing and I love participating in (and in most cases, creating) projects that allow me to do both (see Adulting FAQs). When I'm working, I'm usually within arm's reach of an almond latte and listening to a playlist that includes at least three songs by The Shins. When I'm not, I'm probably at a trendy LA restaurant googling the words on the menu (orecchiette is a type of pasta, if you were wondering. And it’s delicious.)

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